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How to Eat More Fish and Seafood on a Budget

Do you see dollar signs when health professionals advise you to eat more seafood and fish? If you don’t know how to make it affordable, incorporating more omega-3-rich foods like fish and seafood can be costly. There are steps that you can follow to ensure fish and seafood fit within your budget.

Make a Plan!

To reap the health benefits, plan your week’s meals and make sure you include fish and seafood at least twice per week. This will help your health as well as your food budget. It’s easier to plan meals than go shopping for groceries. 

Add Fish and Seafood to Your Menu

When we think about a meal, we tend to give credit to protein. We know that a plant-based diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is good for our health and can help prevent chronic diseases. 

Diversify From the Traditional Fish and Seafood Types

Wild salmon is not the only option. It is often the most expensive. Different species are more expensive depending on when they’re in season. 

Use Canned, and Frozen Fish and Seafood

Cans and frozen seafood are equally healthy and much more affordable. You can make delicious burgers, sauces, and salads with leftover or canned seafood. Frozen fish and seafood are other affordable options that are great for those who live in areas where fresh fish may not be available. 

Be Aware of Your Portion Sizes

Although we are used to eating large amounts of protein, it can be very cost-saving to reduce the amount. For a portion of fish, a visual is good to use. It should be about the same size as a deck of cards or, if you’re old enough, a checkbook. This visual is equivalent to about 3 oz of cooked protein. 

It’s Worth the Investment

If you follow these steps, being healthy does not have to cost a lot. If you don’t choose healthy foods that fit within your budget now, they will be much more expensive down the line. A Harvard University School of Public Health study found that the daily cost of eating the most healthy diet is $1.50 higher per person than the lowest-healthy. To me, you seem worth $1.50. That would be a great investment.


This article was written by the owner of Cap’s Steamer Bar & Grille. is a restaurant in Downtown St. Petersburg that serves Florida Seafood with a Bahamian Influence. Cap’s Steamer Bar & Grill is St.Pete’s destination for the freshest seafood featuring a stunning Raw Bar, table-side steamer bar, and gourmet comfort classics with a modern Americana flare.


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