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5 Reasons Han’s Chimaek is the Perfect After-Work Spot

It appears everyone is working for the weekend, but what about working toward the end of the day? Nothing helps you wind down more effectively after a long day at work than getting together with your colleagues for a relaxing happy hour, a great dinner, or some friends. At Han’s Chimaek, you’ll find an unrivaled setting for a laid-back get-together with coworkers after work, where you can enjoy the quality of each other’s company and some of the best Korean fried chicken and beer around!


At Han’s Chimaek, one of our primary goals is to ensure that the atmosphere is always friendly and approachable. Our primary objective is to arouse the curiosity of as many people as possible in the Chimaek experience and encourage them to give it a go. At our company, we spare no effort to make every customer and client feel as if they have arrived in their own living room. Our friendly staff members are always ready to react to any questions you may have and to provide a hand with anything else you might want assistance with. In addition, we provide a variety of amenities that are designed to make your stay at our establishment more enjoyable. For instance, we have comfortable resting areas dispersed all across the grounds in various locations. Whether you are here on business or for pleasure, we promise that you will enjoy a level of comfort that well exceeds your expectations while you are in our midst.


In addition to the superior quality of our facilities and customer care, we also provide a convenient location. You are welcome to take advantage of our handy location as well as the many eating alternatives that we provide. Because of these amenities, you won’t have to stress about finding something tasty to eat or having trouble traveling about the area! Our clients have a stress-free eating experience because of the excellent service that we give, which enables them to spend more time really enjoying their food and less time looking for it. We appreciate the value of your time, and as a result, we work hard to ensure that you have all you need to have a relaxing evening when you get home from work. Come in now to take advantage of the many convenient options that our restaurant has to offer!

Great Food

It should come as no surprise that cuisine is the most enjoyable aspect of any restaurant. At Han’s Chimaek, we take great satisfaction in providing our guests with an unforgettable eating experience. Chimaek is also included in the name of our business since it is one of our most famous dishes. However, what exactly is Chimaek? It consists of two components, which are the chicken and the beer.

Korean Fried Chicken

The meal that is often referred to as “Korean Fried Chicken” has swiftly ascended to the pinnacle of the cuisine rankings all around the world. It is made by frying, in oil,  a piece of chicken that has been dipped twice in a delicious batter and may have a coating of seasoning applied to it before being fried. The chicken pieces are cooked at a high temperature. The end result has a delicious flavor and a crisp and juicy texture, making it the perfect accompaniment to beer or other alcoholic beverages.

In Korea, it is more likely to be served as an appetizer or a side dish at the table, but in other countries, it is more likely to be a choice for the main course. No matter where you eat it, the flavor of Korean Fried Chicken will make you wish you had more of it. This is the one thing that can be said with absolute certainty about this dish. It’s not hard to see why so many people have taken an instant liking to it.

Draft Beer

In addition to our fried chicken, we have a selection of beers on tap for you to choose from. It is brought to the table very cold, and it is all set to be enjoyed with your colleagues, family, or even simply after a hard day of work. The combination makes for a wonderful and peaceful supper, and regardless of how spicy the dish is or how the chicken is prepared, there will be something that everyone in your company enjoys.

Portion Sizes

The restaurant’s serving sizes have been thoughtfully designed to accommodate diners of varying appetites and preferences. There is something that will satisfy your cravings, whether they be for a quick bite to eat or a more substantial dinner. In order to ensure that each meal is bursting with flavor and full of beneficial properties, the chefs here only employ the freshest ingredients in their preparations. In addition, the size of our meals is just enough to sate your appetite without making you feel as if you have eaten too much. Simply make your waiter aware of the situation, and they will do all in their power to ensure that your meal meets all of your expectations. And don’t forget to check out the beverage selection! There is a vast selection of mouthwatering options available to slake your thirst and round out your eating experience.


There is nothing more disheartening than going out for dinner after work only to get the bill and discover that the price is over the moon! At Han’s Chimaek, we take great satisfaction in the fact that our meals come at very reasonable prices. We want to make certain that everyone can afford the lunch of their choice. Thus our goal is to make sure that this is possible. After all, what is the point of going out to dinner with your colleagues if you are going to waste all the money you just made? At Han’s Chimaek, you can always count on us to provide cuisine that is both of high quality and delicious at a price that is affordable.

Stopping into Han’s Chimaek for a bite to eat, meeting up with friends, or picking up some takeout on the way home to share with the family is a fantastic idea after a hard day at work. The restaurant provides a lively and exciting atmosphere. No matter if you’re a seasoned veteran when it comes to Korean BBQ chicken or if you’re yearning for something new, our doors are always open to you, and we look forward to seeing you soon! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran when it comes to Korean BBQ chicken or if you’re yearning for something new, come on in! Visit to check out our online menu, where you can get further information about the services we provide.

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