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Things That Make Kona Coffee Expensive

Finding Pure Kona coffee is so rare that one cannot trust the results of Kona coffee near me. Many coffee brands sell Kona coffee blends by adding 10% with average coffee beans. Unfortunately, the Kona coffee blends neither contain the floral & fruity aroma nor have the rich taste of original Kona coffee. Kona coffee is both rare and expensive, due to which many people can’t find original Kona coffee beans and end up being fooled by fake Kona coffee companies. Today’s article will provide reasons behind the high cost of Kona coffee.

Unique Location

The sunny morning in Kona provides perfect heat for the growth of Kona coffee plants. The moderate rains not only supply enough water but also provide occasional shade from the sun—the volcanic soil of Hawaii supplies enough minerals required for the prosperity of the Kona coffee plant. In addition, the climatic conditions of Hawaii island create an ideal environment for the growth of Kona coffee beans.

Kona coffee is grown only in the Kona district of Hawaii islands in America, and the land in which Kona coffee is cultivated is limited. One needs a 30-mile strip to grow 1% percent coffee in the entire globe. In addition, due to limited land, the retail supply of Kona coffee is limited, making it expensive.

High Demand Low Supply

The global demand for Kona coffee is increasing rapidly, but it’s impossible to increase the production of Kona coffee due to geographical restrictions. Pure Kona coffee is the first choice of coffee enthusiasts; that’s why the demand outweighs its supply. Production of Kona coffee is done on the terrain of two volcanoes, Mauna Lao and Hualalai, due to which it’s impossible to expand the growing area or production. This high demand and low supply factor make Kona coffee expensive and rare.

High Transportation Cost

Hawaii is an island surrounded by ocean; everything grown on this island must be shipped via ocean barge. Therefore, transportation is quite expensive, making Kona coffee production more expensive. Besides this, the farmers need to import most of the equipment, adding to the production cost of Kona coffee. The Kona coffee producers and farmers need to import the majority of equipment and machines, due to which the overall cost of Kona coffee is expensive.

Labor Cost

It’s impossible to use heavy and advanced machinery to produce Kona coffee. So one must do all the sowing, cultivation and harvesting processes manually. Production of Kona coffee is labour-intensive, and labour cost in America is quite high. Due to US labour regulations, Hawaiian coffee producers’ labour cost is relatively higher than other coffee producers.


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