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Why Pure Dairy’s Hi Melt Cheese Slices are the Best Option for Burgers in Australia

The most renowned Australian foodies have, at some point, cut their teeth on the burger circuit. Because of this, you are likely to hear or read about their passion for top-quality cheeseburgers and the subtle details that make them desirable.

Restaurants and eateries serve their burgers with a variety of delightful cheeses, including Swiss, Wisconsin, American and cheddar. As this variety is enough to make for a good stack, the discerning taste buds of the culinary crowd will crave something superior- Hi Melt Burger cheese from Pure Dairy. Not only are these sliced to perfection and presented sumptuously, but the creamy and rich taste is the result of a high cheese content that is versatile across the menu.

Here are just a few reasons why Pure Dairy Hi Melt Burger cheese slices are a cut above regular cheeses:

High Melting Point

Cheese slices of the Hi Melt variety honour their namesake. Not only do they melt effortlessly and consistently, but their gooey texture allows for a sublime taste. They also comprise a mild flavour that pairs well with the bold flavours of other burger ingredients such as jalapeños, tomatoes and ground beef. They will not absorb water or fat, so your burger won’t be greasy or soaked. 

Rich and Creamy Flavour for a Variety of Dishes

The pleasantly pungent aroma and golden ooze of Hi Melt cheese is the difference between good and great. Whether you use it as a stuffing for arancini, a sandwich topping or over a ground Angus beef patty, Hi Melt burger cheese is a staple in Australia’s most reputable kitchens.

Palm Oil Free

As a substitute for milk fat, some cheeses contain palm oil instead. Palm oil is a vegetable fat that is used in many household items like groceries, cosmetics, and cleaning products. Despite being present in many cheeses, it actually increases the risk of heart disease.In contrast, Hi Melt burger cheese slices from Pure Dairy do not contain palm oil and can be eaten anywhere and at any time.

Theyre From an Industry Leading Supplier
For some restaurateurs, it can be a journey of trial and error before landing the perfect ingredients for your house cheeseburgers. But in the information age, newcomers and budding food service professionals can seek out a supreme burger cheese on their first try.

Pure Dairy is a renowned and industry leading dairy supplier with a comprehensive network of local and reputable cheesemongers. All of which contribute to giving you the desired aesthetic, taste and longevity of Hi Melt burger cheese.

Given how many burger joints are around town, it is time to cut through. Swiss and American cheese will satisfactorily do the job but Hi Melt burger cheese from Pure Dairy will start a dialogue. It is the top-selling burger cheese in Australia and the cheese of choice for burger specialists across the country.

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