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Which Seasons Are the Most Popular for Burgers

Between the warmth of a flame-grilled patty on a brisk winter evening and the ease of a food-truck at a summer festival, it’s fair to say burgers are a delight for all seasons. Even with America’s National Hamburger Day to fall on the final days of Autumn, there is no global consensus on when to devour a sumptuous burger as the universal appetite for them persists daily. Below lists the most notable reasons for the yearly appeal of burgers.

Perfect for Cheat Day

Burger culture is a response to a myriad of different human needs that occur all throughout the year. Specifically, gym-goers celebrate their cheat days with a sumptuous burger to reward their commitment to fitness and a balanced diet. Because an increased calorie intake on one day of the week can be of benefit to a steadfast diet and exercise routine, indulgence can take place with a fraction of the guilt.

Of course, cheat day falls on every day of the year and as more people strike the right balance between proper exercise and dieting, the more burgers will cement their spot as a popular reward for effort within global food and fitness culture.

Quick to Make

Another concept we often lament is the need for more time and again, this is not exclusive to a particular season. Whether it’s a Michelin star establishment or a drive-thru, every burger lover can rely on the short prep time of their favourite stack.

The only thing that might keep you waiting is the cheese as getting the perfect melt for your cheddar or pepper jack can take an extra minute. Still, they’re inherently quick to make and are a prime example of how shorter prep time doesn’t have to detract from the quality of the food.

Different Ingredients Flourish in Different Parts of the Year

The last thing we need to remind any foodie of is the variety of burgers available at their local eatery- but it’s a point worth remembering.

We all have a favourite burger that is hard to pivot from as is the nature of favourites. But a subtle variation in your order, such as asking for cold and crunchy iceberg lettuce in summer or jalapeños and molten cheese sauce in winter, can open your palate to a flavour odyssey.

It’s even encouraged to apply this idea to the different burger joints themselves in aid of achieving the optimal dining experience. A signature cheese burger from a local fish and chip shop is even more satisfying when sitting along the foreshore on a balmy night!

It’s clear that burgers are appetising all year round. Whether it’s a fiery stack of peppers and beef on an icy evening or a couple of sliders for a Christmas function, the demand is as varied as the flavours.

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