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Beef Jerky- A Yummy Road To A Healthy Lifestyle

A popular and convenient snack, beef jerky is full of nutritious value. Beef jerky comes from “ch’arki,” a Quechua word, and “Ch’arki” means dried salted beef. This dried, salted beef is made from slender slices of meat, and the portions of meat are doused with a variety of pastes, seasonings, and condiments. The lean meat undergoes plenty of processes like drying, smoking, and curing before it is sealed to be sold. 

What Is Beef Jerky?

It is typically made from lean trimmed beef. The beef is cut into thin strips and dehydrated. The beef strips are dried to prevent spoilage. Salt is added to dehydrate the beef jerky. The addition of salt is done to avoid any bacterial growth. Jerky contains only a few ingredients like low-temperature salt to inhibit bacteria growth and a low-temperature drying method.

Healthy Or Unhealthy?

Beef jerky has always been considered a snack. Therefore, its consumption has led fitness fanatics to question whether it is healthy. The nutrient value of this snack is very high, and it has plenty of proteins and is rich in Iron, Copper, Potassium, etc. Additionally, it is low in carbs and helps stay fit and full. This snack is rich in protein, making up for a great snack. Moreover, grass-fed beef jerky is one of the best snacks. The grass-fed beef jerky has a high concentration of Omega-3s and many other nutrients. 

However, while it is tough to find it, some gluten-free options work like magic. Healthy beef jerky has high proteins, low to zero sugar, and is gluten-free. The most nutritious jerky would be the one that is also low in sodium. It helps keep your body system rich in nutrients low on carbs, magnanimously improves energy levels, and positively engages your metabolism. 

How Much Beef Jerky Can You Consume?

Anything in excess is poison. So is the case with beef jerky. Even a healthy beef jerky, you cannot have in excess. One should consume it in moderation. Your heart health will take a toll if beef jerky is consumed daily. It is very high in sodium and leads to an excess of deposits of sodium in the body. All the health risks that come with the consumption of processed meats must be prevented. You can do that by moderately eating beef jerky. Country Archer provides beef jerky made from fresh ingredients, and grass-fed beef jerky can be a great boon.  

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