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Best Fast-Food Places in Saket

Cravings for a nice juicy burger, a cheesy pizza with scrumptious toppings, or a roll with tasty filling can come anytime. There is something about fast food that just hits the right spot. There are many good fast-food places you can go to in Saket. From burgers to pizzas to Mexican raspados to momos, the list is endless

Here is a list of fast-food places in Saket that serve lip-smacking food:

  • Burger King 

Burger King in Saket  serves a variety of burgers and other fast food. Best known for its Whopper burger, they have vegetarian, chicken, and mutton Whopper. Other burgers include Crispy Veg, Crispy Chicken, Veg Classics, and Chicken Classics. They also have an exciting variety of wraps, fries, shakes, along with desserts, and beverages. Burger King also has a branch in Select CITYWALK, which is pretty close to PVR Saket. 

  • KFC

KFC in Select CityWALK is known for its fried chicken, burgers, beverages, and other fast foods. You can get a bucket of crispy fried chicken in a range of flavors. They have burgers like Chicken Snacker, Chicken Rockin’, Potato Krisper, and Cheesy Crunch. In addition, they have Rice Bowlz, which has a bowl of rice with fried chicken, and their beverages include the well-known Krushers.

  • Lebanese Point

Located at PVR Saket, this place has Lebanese dishes as its specialty in the form of fast food. You can get Lebanese Chicken, Falafel rolls, Falafel & Hummus Basket in Veg Mezze, Shredded Chicken in Hummus in Non-Veg Mezze, Shawarma, and much more.

  • WOW! Momos

Fast food can come in various forms. Wow! Momos, in PVR Saket, serves a wide variety of momos and Tibetan dishes. They have steamed, pan-fried, fried, butter masala, sizzler, and tandoori momos, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. They also have a momo burger called Moburg with a veggie momo and a chicken momo. They also have thukpa. With a specialty in Momos, they have chocolate momos to offer.

  • Pizza Hut

Located at PVR Saket, this is a famous pizza place. They have many kinds of pizzas to choose from. They have classic flavors like Margarita, and some favourites like Double Cheese, Spiced Chicken Meatballs, and Veggie Feast. Their signature pizzas include Country Feast, Tandoori Paneer, Chicken Malai Tikka, and Chicken Sausage & Tikka. Their Supreme Pizzas include Veggie Supreme, Mexican Extravaganza, Tikka Supreme, and Triple Chicken Feast, among others.

  • Chicago Pizza

Chicago Pizza in Select CityWALK is famous for its pizzas, as the name suggests. They have Veg pizzas like a simple Margarita, indulgent Four Cheese Pizza, Rustic Mushroom, and Spicy Affair. Their non-vegetarian pizzas include Chicken Ham, Smoked Delight, Italian Pepperoni, and many more. You can also build your pizza with their choices of vegetarian and non-vegetarian toppings. They also have Stuffed Garlic Bread, Baked Chicken Wings, and pasta.

  • Dunkin’

There are other places like Burger King Saket. Dunkin’, which used to be called Dunkin’ Donuts, is also in PVR Saket. While it is famous for its delicious donuts and coffee, it has many kinds of burgers too. Their signature burgers are Naughty Lucy Burger, Farmhouse Monster, and Grilled Chicken Monster. They also have vegetarian and non-vegetarian Big Joy burgers and Double Big Joy burgers. You can also try their Heaven Can Wait Chicken burger and Spicy Grilled Chicken burger.

You can satisfy those fast-food cravings and come back for more with so many choices.


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