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Wagyu Sukiyaki Ramen: What is it?

 We found a speciality Japanese menu that included ramen and sukiyaki, a type of slow-cooked beef and vegetable dish similar to a hot pot.

Let’s learn more about the passion of the chef.

Who made this delicious dish?

The president of Yakko Dining (BEEF KITCHEN STAND) is Mr. Takeshi Matsumoto. His family has been running a chain of sushi and Japanese eateries in Yokohama for eight decades. He has a true culinary background, having trained at some of Tokyo’s most prestigious sushi restaurants since he was eighteen. He is currently 44 years old and manages twenty restaurants in Tokyo, Kanagawa, and other locations.

After getting a lot of requests, he started making ramen meals that include Japanese beef, sukiyaki,and ramen.

After attending ramen schools and sampling countless bowls of ramen, he finally completed one that was genuinely amazing. Another feature of the dish is the wide variety of flavors that may be chosen when ordering a raw egg or rice to go with the wagyu sukiyaki ramen.

I questioned him about what he found most difficult.

“Because we were so focused on quality, it took a year from conception to commercialization,” he replied.

“Which of your clients’ testimonials is the best?”

We asked.

“ I’ve never had better ramen than this! It has an amazing flavor. I’m going to give it to my girlfriend.”

“If so many people like Wagyu Sukiyaki Ramen, I want to open a restaurant abroad so they can try it too,” he comments.

You can currently find this excellent ramen in Yokohama and Tokyo.

Go to Japan if you’re an enthusiastic eater!

Check out this amazing video.

You can observe Mr. Matsumoto’s method of making this delicious food!

If you are planning to visit Japan, we highly recommend to try Yakko Dining!

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