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The Various Kinds Of Soy Sauce  

Soy sauce, made from soybeans, is a popular condiment that can be used with many different cuisines. Although it is generally quite salty, the consistency of soy sauce will vary depending on how it was made. It has been eaten for hundreds of years and is especially popular in Japan where it is often served with dishes such as sushi.

soy sauce was traditionally slow to make. This is why it has been so prized for so long. The method is much simpler today thanks to modern technology.

You can also find it in many different varieties, which are often linked to the region where they come from. We will be looking at some of the most popular types of soy sauce around the globe.

Dark Soy Sauce

It is easy to find dark soy sauce at your local supermarket. It tends to be sweeter and more rich than lighter soy sauce.

It is also aged longer and sweeteners such as caramel and molasses are often added. In Asian cuisine, dark soy sauce is often used in combination with light soy sauce to achieve a balanced flavor.

Light Soy Sauce

Although light soy sauce is the most popular type of sauce in Chinese cooking, it can also be found all over the globe. It’s commonly known as regular soy sauce in western countries. This is what most people have at home.

Light soy sauce is generally lighter than other types, but it does contain a lot more sodium, which makes it quite salty. Low-sodium soy sauce is available for those who like soy sauce, but cannot eat too much salt.

Thick Sauce

Soy sauce, also known as soy paste or soy jam, is a thicker soy sauce that is often sweeter than dark soy sauce. To thicken thick soy sauce, you might add more sugar and wheat to it. A starch thickener may also be used. To give fried rice dishes a deeper flavor, it is not necessary to use large quantities.

This soy sauce is more difficult to find at the shops.


Miso is a type of soup or sauce that is made in Japan . Tamari is a byproduct of miso that the Japanese use often due to its strong flavor.

Traditional tamari contains no wheat, so it’s a great alternative for people who can’t eat gluten-containing foods. Although it is a great substitute for more traditional soy sauces it can be more difficult to find locally so it is best to search online.

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