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Mad Honey and Its Effects on The Users

The Black Sea is surrounded by mountainous regions. These mountains are famous for the species of rhododendron plants, which are not found in any other regions. The bees that feed on these species of plants produce a unique flavour of honey in their hive, such as tupelo honey and this special honey is known as mad honey.

Mad honey is famous for many of its positive properties. It is a special kind of honey containing grayanotoxin and is not easy to come by. This honey is from Nepal and Turkey and can be purchased from one of the exclusive sellers such as Real Mad Honey. They offer many options for buyers, and you can choose one as per your requirement by visiting their webpage.

Mad Honey

The bees that reside in Turkey and Nepal produce a different kind of concoction known as mad honey. This natural fluid is quite rare to come by and will not be sweeter than the honey that is produced worldwide. The mad honey is red in colour and will be quite bitter than the normal honey taste. The species of honey bee that produces mad honey is Apis dorsata laboriosa.


The history of mad honey dates back to 401 BCE and is registered in the books of Greek history. The soldiers belonging to the Greek battalion first came through the mad honey bounty and their experience was not the best. The studies have explained that the soldiers that ate mad honey suffered from severe cases of vomiting, purging, and loss of senses.


Mad honey has a special set of psychoactive effects that are extracted from rhododendrons species of plants. These plants are famous for their group of neurotoxic compounds that offer psychoactive effects on the users. The bees ingest these psychoactive chemicals from plants and mix them while preparing honey.

The plants belonging to the species of rhododendrons are quite rare to come by. Hence, the bee species belonging to Apis dorsata laboriosa make their hives near the regions where there is an abundant presence of these plant species. The plants are quite famous for growing in the regions where the altitudes are high, and hence are the hives of bees.

The harvesters of mad honey from the high altitudes climb the mountainous regions to get the honey. Mad honey is very difficult to come by, and hence they are quite costlier than normal honey. Every pound of honey will cost more than $60 to $70.

Even though mad honey can offer psychoactive effects on the users, it is not suggested to take more than the required volumes. Taking more honey than the required volume can make this honey toxic or even poisonous to the users. Excess presence of honey in the body can lower blood pressure and cause serious damage to the heart.

Many countries have banned the import of mad honey to their borders. Some countries have even illegalised using mad honey. However, not all reviews and feedback that are left behind by the users of mad honey are true because some have even recommended never trying this honey anytime in their life.

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