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Integrated Labels for Your Business Printed and Shipped on Demand

Being able to ship products anywhere in the world relies heavily on properly made labels. Integrated labels from ID Images are printed and shipped on demand to you. You can custom-create labels from stock labels on the company’s website and then schedule batches of those labels to be shipped periodically. The labels easily affixed to every package your company ships.

Why Stock Labels Make It So Easy to Ship

When you log in to create an account with ID Images, you are able to look at all of the dozens of stock labels you can choose from. Different fonts, color blocks, and styles are arranged in an orderly fashion to help you choose a label that most aligns with your company. It may take some time, as there are lots of stock labels on file. However, once you find the exact label you want, you can order them in the hundreds or thousands.

They can be self-adhesive, cut sheets, or integrated cards with pin perforations. Print them using two colors to seven colors based on the size of the label you want. All labels integrate with your invoices for customers so that they can be used to ship to the customers, and customers can ship their returns back.

Ask for Labels by the Case

If you go through labels like paper will be extinct tomorrow, consider ordering cases of labels. Ordering cases saves time and money as you will not have to repurchase constantly, and cases cost less to ship as one order. Consult the ordering page for ID Images to see how much you can save when you buy in bulk.

Dozens of Other Label Options

If you need other kinds of labels for your company, ID Images has several products that can help. Direct thermal labels, digital label printing, laser labels by the sheet, film labels, and inkjet media are just some of the other labeling products offered.

Reduce Waste and Help the Earth

Integrated labels reduce waste. Customers have a ship-to-label addressed to them, a return label for returns, and an invoice all in one sheet. There is no need to create separate shipping and return labels when integrated labels are used.

Additionally, these labels are printed on fully recyclable paper so your customers can recycle the labels/invoices rather than put them in the wastebasket. Customers who are trying to go green can appreciate the fact that the labels made by ID Images will not end up in landfills.

Get an Online Quote

If you are not sure if you want to become a customer of ID Images, and you are just shopping around for labels right now, you can request an online quote. The company does provide quotes for label batches if you are interested in comparing prices between ID Images and their competitors. When you do decide to become a customer of ID Images, return the call to place an order and establish your account.

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