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How To Make The Perfect Cheese board

Many people consider a well-assembled cheese board or hamper  one of life’s greatest pleasures and a highlight of their mealtime. You’re in the right place if you’re one of those people! However, if you are planning a party or expecting guests and want to know what to put on your cheese board, we’ll break down all the components so you can make an informed decision and choose the right cheese, crackers, fresh fruit and accompaniments to make the ultimate cheese board!

Let’s start with cheese 

Obviously, the cheese is the most important part of any cheese board. With so many different options of traditional  cheese out there, it can be hard to make a decision on what to put on your cheese board. But remember there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to what you pick. Your cheese board is yours and it should always reflect your tastes as well as the preferences of your guests. Cheese boards are almost as much fun to create as they are to eat, so get creative and enjoy yourself.

Variety of cheese

It’s time to think about a variety of cheeses. It is always recommended to have a mixture of textures and tastes, hard cheese and soft cheese – just as long as it’s good cheese! If you are looking for some ideas or inspiration, think of the cheesemonger’s cheese board motto: “Something old, something new, something stinky, something blue.” Although this is just a guide, it helps to create a nicely balanced cheese platter.

Choose the perfect board

While you can certainly use any board you happen to have on hand, if you have options or feel like choosing something new, the bigger the better. You want to make sure you get a board that is big enough to have maybe four or five inches between each cheese. A slate Welsh cheese board will look really eye-catching and will complement your cheese and garnishes.

Add some meat

A selection of cured meats make a perfect addition to your platter and can turn it into a delicious meat and cheese board. It is especially useful when the platter is the main meal of the evening rather than an additional course before or after pudding. Cheese and cured meats go very well together.

Crackers & bread

Now that you have your cheeses and meats, it’s time to add crackers and bread. Choose a few different types  of crackers and find some good crusty bread that can soak up any gooey cheeses you might have on your platter. Using a variety of crackers and bread can add a lot of texture and colour to your board.


For as long as cheese has existed, it has been paired with fruit, both fresh and dried. They sky’s the limit when it comes to pairing fruit and cheese, so get creative! You can choose from a variety of fruits to include on a cheese board, such as royal gala apples (which go well with mature cheddar and other cheeses) figs, grapes (great with camembert), apricots, pears and even mango.

Chutney and pickles

Last but certainly not least, choose chutney and pickles to accompany your platter. Chutney or pickles are a great addiction to your platter as they add an extra texture and some added flavour.

Just like that, your cheese board is ready to serve! Bon appetite!

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