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All About Halal Food In Halalmak

If you are looking for Halal food in Singapore and can’t find any, then you’ll get the answer to your problem here.

With a little bit of search in Hallmark, you can find places where the foods are made with proper ingredients, food that doesn’t contain beef, pork or alcohol. Then, what are you waiting for? But before that, there is some information that will help you understand the site, so let’s see. 

What Is Halal Food?

To know the meaning of halal food, first, you need to know what is halal. Halal means permissible, and it’s an Arabic word that is mainly used in food. According to the Quran, there are rules for the Islam followers regarding food. Like food products, meat, utensils, and equipment make or process the food. And when the dish is made after following all those rules mentioned in the Quran, it is called Halal Food.  

What Is Hallmark Providing The Halal Eaters?

As you know, it’s very challenging to find halal food in many places, and Singapore is one of them. Even though halal is available in many places in Singapore, people don’t know about them. It is when Halalmak came into your life to solve these problems. 

Hallmark was established in Singapore and followed one mission to serve halal food to those who need it. All the foods are made in Quran made laws. From processing to utensils, all the aspects are covered. Hallmark looks into all the available halal restaurants in Singapore. From big to small, all restaurants are open in Hallmark. All the restaurants are halal certified, so choose a restaurant according to your need and area. But this is not it. Halal comes with a long list of halal food directories. 

What Other Food Categories Of Hallmark?

Hallmark doesn’t provide restaurants with only Islamic foods or meat. But also a never-ending list of available halal foods. In Hallmark, also known as Halal Makcik, you can get:

  • In Dessert, you can get, Halal cake, halal dessert-like halal cafe, halal muffins etc.
  • In Savory, you can get an extended range of dishes. Like halal dim sum, halal pizza, halal burger etc.
  • And it covers many unique dishes like halal Japanese food, halal Korean food, halal Chinese food, etc.

So, these are the halal food directory. Apart from that, there are many other things you can discover. You can search for a Halal buffet from Hallmark to spend quality time with family, halal catering for any occasion. Like many other things, this is the best option for Muslims to find their favourite food. Plus, even non- Muslim can use this site.


Muslim or non-Muslim, it doesn’t matter, but with the help of Hallmark, you can find places with delicious foods. So, there is no more worrying if the food is halal. No more asking others for suggestions; there will be no more trouble. 

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