Tuesday, July 16

Why is Pizza an All-time Favorite? 

Monday to Sunday – you can’t deny that pizza cravings can hit you any time of the week. You might crave it during office hours and the kids might go on a strike if you don’t order it on a Sunday afternoon. Well, you need to order a pizza right away. Homemade pizzas are delish, but freshly baked pizzas with fresh dough hit differently. 

Have you ever thought about why pizzas are an all-time favorite? We’re here to disclose the little secret. We know why everyone craves a good old pizza. Whether it’s Canada, India, America, or Italy – pizza is a true winner when it comes to food cravings. 

Let’s get started! 

There’s just one word: CHEESE 

Did you know there are more than a hundred types of cheese in the world? Each of them has its own character and taste. 

When you take a bite of pizza, the cheesiness melt in your mouth is delectable. You transport to another world when a cheese pizza goes into your mouth. It’s salty, flavourful, sweetish, and cheesy. 

Pizzas Taste Good Both Cold or Hot 

Even if the pizza goes cold, people enjoy it. The flavors don’t go away. Have you seen people eating last-night pizza slices? It tastes wonderful even if it’s last night’s dinner. 

If you buy it from the right kind of place, you will enjoy it both hot and cold. 

Besides, the piping hot pizza is also mouth-watering. There is a little glaze on the cheese and the base tastes soft and delectable. 

Pizzas are the life of a party 

Who is going to cook a whole meal for a bachelorette or bachelor party? Even if it’s a birthday party, you need some foods that are easy to order. Moreover, you don’t need extra plates and bowls for displaying pizzas. You can just place the pizza box on the table, open it, and let others take a slice or two. 

It’s not just an Italian thing anymore 

People around the world are playing around with flavors and recreating the pizza in different ways. 

Italians may have invented it, but pizzas have become a global dish. You can find it in any corner of the world, and everyone enjoys it. It’s like the fried chicken and burgers that Americans invented – everyone enjoys it any time of the day. 

Concluding Thoughts 

The best thing about pizzas is that you can add whatever ingredients that come to your mind. It could be salty and fatty bacon to sweet pineapple chunks. 

You can check out the different variants and order pizza online. 

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