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What Are the Different Types of Paper Bags?

Using brown paper bag is popular because it is light, easy to clean, and can hold objects for an extended period. It is also more eco-friendly than bags made from plastic. Plastic bags are dangerous since they are created from toxic-waste generating fossils, which become their hazardous form through several covert procedures.

Furthermore, paper bags are widely preferred because it is more environment-friendly than plastic bags and has been a staple for grocery, apparel, or food packaging.

Customer service is one of the essential aspects of running a successful company as a business owner. Acts of kindness and courtesy are ideal, such as offering a pushcart or paper bag when customers purchase groceries or clothes. 

It is critical to learn more about some of the many varieties and functions of a paper bag so that you can choose which specs are appropriate for your needs.

Types of Paper Bag

Paper bags generally come in two types: Brown and White paper bags. The brown paper bag is mainly used in establishments, such as groceries and restaurants. On the other hand, some brands prefer using white paper bags to highlight their company logo. 

Paper Bag Handles

As mentioned, paper bags now come with handles. Depending on what you use it for, you may need to consider the different types of handles when deciding which to choose.

A twisted paper handle is ideal for carrying heavy items, a flat paper handle can be used for lightweight items, rope handles are more durable and are often used in retail stores, gift shops, and boutiques, and die-cut handles are common in carrying takeout containers from restaurants or cafes. 

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