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Russet Potato or Creamer Potato? The Nutritional Showdown

All potatoes can be made the same, right? However, this is not true. This is not the case!

What is the Difference in Nutrition?

Nutrient content can be based on a range of factors including growing conditions such as soil mineral levels, geographic location, and exposure to sunlight. There are many nutrients that can be found on potatoes’ skins, so the nutrient content may vary. The more area that a potato has, there is more opportunity for nutrients to be found inside.

As simple as eating more potatoes, getting more potato skins (and other nutrients) into your diet can be as easy (and delicious). Little Potato Company Creamers are a lot more versatile than eating one medium potato, such as a russet.

Nutrition Analysis: Russet Potatoes and Creamer Potatoes

Let’s quickly compare both types of potatoes. Can you spot the key differences among these potato types?

Standout Vitamins

Potassium is essential for the proper functioning of every cell. High-quality potassium and low-sodium foods can reduce your risk of high cholesterol, which is linked to stroke and heart disease. Little Potato Company Creamers contain a lot of potassium and low amounts of sodium.

Creamer potatoes contain more calcium than in other foods. Iron is also found in greater amounts. These nutrients can be more difficult to obtain through diet alone for vegetarians or vegans. Our daily intake can be increased by adding a variety of dietary sources to our diets.

While it may have slightly more fiber and proteins than a russet potatoes, the main benefit is twice its Vitamin C content. It’s easy to make up for the difference by topping Creamers simply with a splash of lemon juice, garnishing your creamers with chopped parsley or bell Peppers, and serving your Creamers alongside a brightly colored vegetable (all good sources.

Variety is the main ingredient in life. So there’s no reason to avoid russet potatoes. However, you don’t need to avoid them altogether. Consider the russet potato nutrition benefits that can be achieved by simply changing your diet to include Creamer potatoes. Little Potatoes have a superior taste and quick cooking process that will keep you coming back.

Potatoes for Skin

Did you realize that potatoes have an exceptional collagen-boosting capability? A simple potato facial can help with acne and other skin conditions including dark spots, blemishes, and even acne.

As an expert in skin and hair, We recommend that patients use potato juice under the eye. It has skin-tightening qualities and can reduce premature wrinkles. Because our skin is thin under our eyes, it can wrinkle quickly. This is where potato juice comes in. Here’s how potato and potato juice can be used for your skin issues.


If potatoes are baked, or added to other vegetables, they can be delicious. It’s only when you deep fry this super veggie in refined oil that it becomes almost toxic. The juice can also be consumed as a drink, which is an excellent way to maximize its anti-inflammatory benefits, according to the book titled ‘Healing Foods. It is vital to pay attention to the nutritional content of potato skins. It is always better not to remove the skin from potatoes. It is possible for some nutrients to leech into the boiling water, so it is better to peel potatoes before boiling.

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