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Is grass-fed meat good for you? 

Lean beef is better for human beings. There are times you enjoy fattening foods, but it can increase your waistline and also cause several heart diseases. 

That’s precisely why you need to choose grass-fed meat over grain-fed meat. 

There are other benefits of choosing this type of beef. Do you wish to know why? 

Here’s a quick post that sheds light on the subject, ‘Is grass-fed meat good for you?’ 

You will find that out in this quick post! Unravel the secrets in the upcoming sections.

The key Differences Between Grass-Fed and Grain-fed Beef 

Grass-fed beef is procured from cows that are pasture-raised. There is no chance of a feedlot. These cows eat hay and forage which is healthy for them. 

Moreover, these cows get to move around and graze, unlike grain-fed cows. Grain-fed beef is procured from cows that weren’t raised in the best condition. These cows are lined up and left to live in a confined space. They eat grain, don’t get to move around; this, there are chances of the cow getting very sick. 

Basically, you might be buying beef procured from a sick cow. The last 100 to 115 days of their life is spent eating grains and that’s why they’re called grain-finished or grain-fed beef. 

Grain increases the overall fat in the body, thus the meat you get will have too much fat. Would you like to eat excessive fats? We’re not sure considering the increasing rate of obesity in the world. 

Is grass-fed meat healthier and tastier?

Of course, the taste is great, but it is a healthier option for meat lovers. 

It is a leaner form of beef because the cows this meat comes from were raised in a good environment. They spend the last days of their life eating grass. 

Grass-fed beef is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This is good for the body, and one should eat it in controlled portions. 

There are some people who love the taste and others prefer the fattening grain-fed meat. Here’s something you should know: grass-fed beef is much healthier and you should go for it. 

Papa Earth Grass fed meat is healthy, tasty, and the quality is top-notch. 

If you are living in Montreal and want a healthier piece of beef, then choose the label that says, ‘grass-fed.’ 

Use high-quality and tasty seasonings to make your grass-fed beef taste amazing. You will certainly enjoy this piece of meat! 

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