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Ido Fishman Shares Pro Egg Cooking Tricks you can Use

Cooking eggs is definitely not easy. This is because they tend to be rather delicate, can be overcooked easily and getting them right is just too tricky. Even the most professional chefs’ mess up eggs hundreds of time before they get it right. If you are in the same boat, you can take advantage of these pro egg cooking tricks that Ido Fishman has shared. Ready to know what they are? Let’s take a look:

  • Cook eggs over low heat so they don’t get tough and brown

Going slow and low is the first thing you will learn in Ido Fishman cooking classes no matter what style of eggs you are making. While browned eggs might look good, but you should keep in mind that they are dry and tough. You want soft, tender and white eggs and the key to accomplishing this is turning the heat down and staying patient.

  • Invest in a nonstick pan 

Nonstick pans may not be good for a lot of things, as they scratch and don’t get very hot, but Ido Fishman says that they are perfect when you want to cook eggs. Sure, you do have the option of using your regular pan for doing so, but your eggs might end up sticking at the bottom. 

  • Take the scrambled eggs off the heat before fully cooked

Pans tend to stay hot for a long while and this means the foot in them will cook for a while. Therefore, Ido Fishman suggests that remove your eggs from the heat before they are cooked to your liking. They will continue cooking with the pan’s residual heat and you will not have scrambled eggs that are overcooked. 

  • Start cooking scrambled eggs in a cold pot 

If you enjoy custardy and soft scrambled eggs, Ido Fishman suggests you start cooking them in a cold pot. Heat the eggs in a cold pot with some butter and cook them slowly, while stirring them often. You can take the pot off the heat as it gets hot and continue stirring. Put it back on the heat and repeat it, so the pot does not get too hot. 

  • Don’t crack the eggs directly into the water

Before you add the eggs into the boiling water, crack them into a small bowl. According to Ido Fishman food expert, doing so will prevent the egg from going everywhere. You will be able to transfer them gently into the water. It is also best to use fresh eggs when you are poachingbecause they will be able to keep their shape and stay round and nice. 

  • Use older eggs for boiling 

It is easier to peel the older eggs, while peeling the fresh ones is a major hassle. This is because the egg whites shrink just enough in older eggs that peeling them is easier.

  • Cook the eggs straight out of the fridge

When you check the different egg recipes, you will notice that they all tell you exactly how long the eggs have to be boiled. However, Ido Fishman says that all of these recipes automatically assume that you are using cold eggs. Therefore, you should not use eggs that have been sitting on your kitchen counter for a while. If you don’t want to overcook your eggs unintentionally, take them straight out of the fridge and make sure they are still cold when you use them.

  • Store leftover eggs in water 

If any eggs are leftover, or you wish to eat them at a later date, Ido Fishman recommends that you keep them in the fridge in cold water. This will prevent the eggs from getting hard and drying out. You can reheat the eggs simply by popping them in some warm water for a couple of minutes. 

Try out these egg cooking tricks and you will have the perfect eggs you want. 


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