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How to Calculate the Amount of Food Required for an Event

Even though organising a party is difficult enough, one aspect you should make sure you have covered is the food. It might be difficult to keep hungry guests satisfied. Therefore, you should ask yourself this question at the outset of party planning to determine how much food is truly sufficient. Here are some recommendations for how much food to order if you’re hosting a gathering.

As you make your arrangements, several variables come into play, including the duration of your gathering, the type of food you’ll be providing, the gender makeup of your group (adults and children), etc. Another crucial factor is the time of your party. Food requirements for an after-dinner gathering are significantly lower than those for an all-day BBQ. You shouldn’t feel obligated to feed because not all gatherings feed equally.

It is best to customise your order based on the type of group invited and the kind of event organised like dietary needs or requests. A Moveable Feast Catering is a party catering Perth service that takes customise orders and brings out food based on customers’ wishes. The chef Zac Wilkinson is trained for the front and back of the house. They provide catering services for small parties as well as dinner parties.

General Tips for Ordering Food 

  • Never round off the amount at the lesser side, but always up them.
  • Consider serving more of the most popular menu items than is recommended by the caterer guidelines.
  • The more options you provide the estimate of individual portion size should be adjusted accordingly. You can assume that your guests can choose what they want from a buffet, but the choices are limited and the overall consumption per person is more than it would be if there were fewer options.
  • Have plenty of bread on hand for a sit-down dinner to satisfy any hunger. When throwing a cocktail party, put plenty of nuts, olives, pretzels, etc. on the table to satisfy everyone.

These basic tips can help you order sumptuous food to party catering services and keep everyone happy.

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