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How Can We Drink Alcohol Safely?


Too much alcohol consumption is nonetheless bad for our health, but with moderation, it can be more beneficial than harmful. Moderate alcohol drinking comes with numerous benefits. Studies found that consuming alcoholic beverages can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and lengthen life. 

If consumed moderately, alcoholic drinks are good for the body, but how can we ensure ourselves that we intake them in moderation for a safe living? These are some of the things we can do:

Understand Alcoholic Tendency and the Only Amount to Consume 

One of the fundamental methods to safeguard ourselves against excessive drinking is learning how dangerous it can be if done without moderation. At maximum, it is suggested that an individual must only drink 10 glasses of alcohol, with four or fewer glasses on any day.

Standard drinks probably contain around 10 grams of ethanol that the body can process within an hour. Our alcohol capacity varies depending on the following factors:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Sex
  • Feelings when drinking

Excessive drinking can increase the risk of suffering alcohol-related diseases and injuries like:

  • liver disease

Eat First Before Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol in aCalifornia distillery or bars across the United States without eating is and will never be an advisable idea. An empty stomach allows alcohol to enter the bloodstream faster than usual, making its effects faster to feel and harder to manage.

Moreover, people planning to drink must drink plenty of water, avoid mixing alcohol with sugary or energy beverages, and eat salty snacks because they can make the person thirsty, urging him to drink more.

Count the Number of Drinks Taken

Setting limits for oneself when consuming alcohol can also keep us safe from excessive drinking. It is hard for us to realize if we are already intoxicated by alcohol, so doing this practice might help. As much as we want to bond with our friends, we can refrain from joining. Moreover, finish the drink on hand before starting another.

Moderation is the key to safe alcohol drinking. Drinkers can also look for diners with a wide selection of alcoholic drinks to choose the spirit that fits their alcohol tendency.

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