Tuesday, July 16

Good Food And Ambiance Can Bring You Sheer Joy

People believe that food is fuel to the body, but delectable dishes add a mark to your soul. People will forget the nice decor or arrangements at the party, but the taste of the food they enjoyed is unforgettable. With the taste of good food, you can win a heart. Now here we are going to talk about the food at Dempsey Hill

There is a restaurant name Conchita that offers Peruvian Cuisine and has vibrant interiors with a good collection of music that creates an incredible ambiance. Their taste and presentation are equally worth mentioning.

On their menu, they serve Vegetarian foods, brunch, breakfast, lunch, wines and flavorful desserts. Dempsey hill is located in Singapore, a small country surrounded by many hawkers, cafes, restaurants, bars, etc. It has been said that Dempsey hill is blessed with excellent restaurants and bars.

  • The Coconut Club

Here it serves a bowl of unique rice garnished with a fried egg or fried Chicken with a good number of peanuts over it which any other hawkers can’t prepare, and also it gives the juices of the coconut, which tastes heavenly.

  • Sam’s Curry

This restaurant is also regarded as the best place to have a dining experience. So one can leave this restaurant with an empty stomach as it serves the most delicious fish head curry, paneer, and chicken items.

  • Sari Ratu Restaurant

Now it also has some unique qualities. They serve massive plates of rice in front of us and display all the various dishes. After that, they will pour all the words onto the rice until you can’t see the bottom of your plate. There are vegetable items, Seawood ones, and chicken items. So it is a huge meal, and one can’t finish it as it sounds cheap.

  • Zam Zam Restaurant

Now they serve Indian food, so anyone who has come from India and is craving some Indian foods in Singapore must visit here. It fits all Indian Chicken and mutton dishes and also the biriyani. People there must feel a bit spicy, but Indians will love that. They do all sandwiches, fries, and chats. They had been there for quite a long period and attained fame. 

So if you are a foodie, you must experience the food at Dempsey hill by visiting most of the restaurants and tasting different Cuisine, a hub of various renowned restaurants. There are many restaurants at a reasonable rate where you can enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

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