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All the Best Options Now Open with the enlightened ice cream keto

Welcome to your new favourite sweet treat, keto dieters. In a statement made today, the ice cream company Enlightened said that they will be launching a new range of pints that are keto-friendly.

In the pint size, the sugar and net carbohydrate content is less than one gram. erythritol and monk fruit, two natural sweeteners that have no calories and don’t raise blood sugar levels, are used to sweeten them in order to achieve the high-fat, low-carb goal of the keto diet.

The reaction of enlightened ice cream keto to the ketogenic diet is the Keto Collection. In each pint, there is just one gramme of net carbohydrate per flavour in the collection. Ketogenic diets are not recommended for Enlightened ice cream because of its high sugar content. A tasty and creamy keto ice cream that can be bought in a shop is now available.

Ketogenic Dieters Love This Ice Cream’s Positive Attitude

For the proportion of total calories that come from net carbs and added sugars, all flavours of Enlightened ice cream, whether regular or dairy-free, fall into the “bad” category. Keto Collection pints and bars, on the other hand, don’t include any sugar alcohols and fall inside the “good” range of total calories obtained from net carbs. There is a little amount of soluble maize fiber in the Keto Collection pints and bars, and this is a carbohydrate that is not easily obvious to the customer.

With enlightened thought, a range of keto products

Where can I get Enlightened Ice Cream’s Keto Collection?

The grocery stores in your area now carry these new types. They may just have a few types or none at all at this moment since they are still a new product. For some business owners, keto ice cream may or may not be lucrative, but the trend is undeniably growing. We can’t wait to get our hands on some ice cream!

When it becomes accessible, it will quickly become a sought-after item among consumers. Enlightened goods may be purchased in the following places. If you reside in an area with a low population density, you have the option of making your purchase online. If you’ve ever had to purchase anything over the mail, you’ll know that dry ice keeps the ice cream in its solid form.

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Is Enlightened a good option for those on a low-carb diet?

This is a subject for discussion. Even though there is just 1g of net carbohydrates in each flavour, there are certain additives to avoid. In addition to sugar, it is critical to include non-GMO soluble maize fibre in your diet. So far as we can determine, just one flavour includes sugar, and that’s in very small quantities. However, soluble corn fibre may be found in all of the flavours. All of the nutritional information available on the Enlightened Ice Cream website has been provided here. My blood sugar levels are tested in the video review that can be seen here.

The ranking of the Keto collection’s enlightened ice cream flavours

  1. Brownie Dough and Cookie Dough from P.B.

There are peanut butter cookie dough and brownie dough chunks, chocolate chips, and a peanut butter swirl in this creamy vanilla ice cream. Brownie dough and chocolate chips are also included.

Our favourite flavour to date is unquestionably this one. They didn’t scrimp on the cookie dough pieces in the dessert, which had a powerful flavour and a generous amount of cookie dough. The ice cream in each mouthful is stuffed to the brim. Delish worked together on this project and did an outstanding job!

  1. Butterscotch Pecan

However, you may pick this flavour based only on its flavour rather than its ingredients. It has a strong butter flavour, and the pecans give it the real butter pecan flavour that you’d expect from it.

  1. The Red Velvet Cake

Because of the restrictions on carbs, it’s probable that cream cheese was omitted. All of their spirals in this collection have the same recurring pattern. However, once you got your hands on it, the cream cheese was delicious. Without the cream cheese, the red velvet ice cream has a subtle chocolate flavour, which is exactly what the ice cream should have. Like their chocolate, this flavour sticks out from the crowd, which is exactly what you want it to.

  1. Caramel and Chocolate Double-Baked Cookies

Caramel ice cream as well as chocolate ice cream, both sugar-free, are blended and swirled altogether with the chunks of gluten-free chocolate chip dough and the brownie bites.

  1. Peanut Butter with chocolate-covered peanuts.

No new flavours have been introduced. They are all part of the Enlightened brand’s general flavour. Fudge chocolate, as in a frosty, is what you’ll find in this area. Because it lacks fat, it falls short of Rebel Creamery in terms of flavour, but it is still excellent. The swirl is there, although it is difficult to discern. It’s the perfect quantity to get a taste of the dish. Just to sum it up, I truly like the flavour.

Keeping in mind the nature of the ketogenic diet, these frozen sweets are rich in fat and low in carbs. Just one gram of net carbs is in each of the two new enlightened flavours. Deducting the total number of grams of carbohydrates and sugar alcohols from the total number of grams of fibre and sugar may be used to calculate net carbs.

If you’re not concerned about what you eat, here are a few new goods you may want to try: The Caramel Dark Chocolate Peanut may be the most delectable keto-friendly bar on the market. The treat is wrapped in crushed peanuts before being dipped in keto dark chocolate, creating a harmonious blend of sweet and salty flavors. The ice cream is creamy and has a caramel taste.

Pint of Caramel Chocolate Dough ice cream has twice as much flavor as other flavors in the same container thanks to the addition of gooey low-carb brownie crumbs and chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough. As a result of this combination, you get a sumptuous dessert that tastes great without having a lot of extra sugar or carbs in it.

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